Barker Family Welcome

Welcome to our family site. We hope you enjoy our family site as we share our activities, travels, and whatever we might have a hand in. 

The World as Seen by the Barkers

This is a place we can share privately with our family and close friends. By invitation, we would like to share our fun and lives through our website. Please email comments by clicking on the email icons on the various pages. If you would like any of the photos or information about the content, please ask. All photos are taken with “happy snappy point & shoot” cameras by us. We feel that getting the photo is better than trying to set up & drag around a fancy camera.

As with most websites, this is a work in progress so check back often or subscribe by clicking the RSS button on the Weblog-Blog page and you will be notified of changes made to the website.

Warm Regards, The Barkers

Mary, Colby, Sheril, Joe