Family Data

Names: Mary,Colby,Sheril, Joe

Pets: dog-Allie, cat-LuLu, geckos-Goober&Echo, birds-Nibbler & Nora

Home base: Salt Lake City

Fav Vacations: Mexico, France, Grandma’s house

Fav Books: Go Dogs Go, Very Bumpy Bus Ride

Favorite Movies: Austin Powers & Super Size Me

Travel tip: Always take the Nintendo DS and Baby Wipes

We lost are beloved Grandpa in March of 2006. He was a wonderful grandpa and loved his family and friends.

 The Kids, Sheril, Joe and many others will miss the “Big Guy” and his antics. Some of his expressions were, “Do something! even if it is wrong” “Run both ways” “Tighter than bark on a tree” “I don’t give a sheeet” “PeckerHead” Don’t let me tell you what to do, but listen” “ I couldn’t stand it if it was any better!”

Our photo albums

Grandpa Photos 5/3/26-3/3/07

clik pic

Kids Fun Family 

clik pic

Colby Earns Karate Belt

December 2006 Video, click pic

Favorite Links

Favorite songs

1.Jack Johnson, “Staple it Together

2.Neil Young, “One of These Days”

3.C.Diamond, “Una Sardina” and “Soy una Pizza