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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Family Camping Adventures: Kodachrome, Panguitch 


We made a trip to beautiful Kodachrome Basin in Southern Utah with our friend Karen Peterson and her family. We had a great time hiking 6 miles round trip to Calf Creek Falls. The temperatures were in the high 90s in the afternoon when we started the hike. Karen carried 3 yr. old Rush on her shoulders the 6 mile round trip to the falls where the temperature was 20 degrees less. 

We decided on a whim to go camping since gas is now $4 a gallon, the stock market is dropping, airlines are slowing down and we are still fighting a ignorant war in Iraq. We loaded 7 people into the Suburban with all of our camping gear and food. Sheril and Karen prepared enough delicious food to feed our little band of an army. Jumped in and drove to Kodachrome Basin on a Thursday afternoon after spending several hours carefully packing all the stuff for the kids to eat, sleep and hike for 4 days. The weather was very warm and the “no-see-ums” bugs bit all of us and bearly slowed down after making a trip to the park supply store for bug spray. 

The next week Colby, Joe and the “Pink Pony” traveled to Panguitch, UT to a motorcycle rally where they camped, hiked and had a good time together. We rode for 4 days in the mountains to escape the hot weather of the desert. Colby won an award for interpreting all of the nature signs on the hike for the group. On Saturday Colby and Joe rode double on the 950 Adventure 25 miles off-road from Brian Head Ski Resort to Cedar City, UT and back on the asphalt to Panguitch.

click on pic to see Kodachrome website >>>>>